The year 2023 was marked by great challenges and subsequent successes for our organization. Thanks to the acquisition of new influencers, we saw significant growth on social media. We've carried that over to the tournaments and events themselves. Our fans were always heard! "MY HEART IS A DYNAMO!". Sportingly, we dominated, dominating almost all of our home tournaments. The only blemish was an unfortunate second place at the final MČR.


The first full season under the DNE banner shows that there are no limits. In CS:GO, we've scored a bunch of international victories and peeked into the top 50 HLTV World Rankings. In LoL, we scored the first ever title in the history of the organization - we won Hitpoint Winter and qualified for a tournament in Greece. And in the NHL, we defended our Enyaq Hockey League title. We were just on form like thunder.

Here comes Dynamo Eclot

The year 2021 is a turning point for our organization. With the merger with HC Dynamo Pardubice, and especially with the entry of its billionaire investor Petr Dědek, we are moving our activities up a level and becoming another fully professional organization on the Czech market. As Dynamo Eclot, we want to continue to be in the top Czech esports league with the aim of establishing ourselves on the international scene.

Mobile World Championship title M.E.O.

Red Bull M.E.O. is the unofficial world championship of mobile gaming and we have left our mark there too. Matty, who dominated the Czech qualification, finally made it to the final of the world tournament, where he took home €10,000.

Silver medals from Czech Championship

In 2019 we have managed to build a strong line-up with the potential to fight for the best placings. With systematic preparation and quality play, we managed to meet expectations and beat our opponents. We fought our way to the very final of the tournament, where we fought for the title of Champions of the Czech Republic. With the eXtatus team we pulled the short rope at the end and left the tournament with a silver medal.

The expedition to conquer Sweden

Our first international event in Jönköping, more than a thousand kilometres away - the legendary Dreamhack. Five players from our Hearthstone section went to Sweden to fight, and although we didn't have any major success at the event, our valuable experience helped us win the title at the next Dreamhack in Leipzig, where Pardub shone and won gold, something no Czech team has managed to do before.

Heki dominated ForGames

Winning the title will please every player. But what about winning two titles in the space of a month? That's what our player Hekim managed to do, winning the WCR in October 2017 and then dominating the FORGAMES finals in November, thus making an indelible mark in our history.

First offline tournament won

In June, our steps were directed to the Slovak LAN tournament KOA Masters, which was also the first ever offline tournament in which our club participated. At the Slovak event with 32 teams participating, we managed to win the entire tournament and surprise the entire CS:GO scene with our aggressive play and excellent individual performances. This success started a successful era for our club.

Establishing a team

In 2015, the activity of our club founders, in League of Legends, culminated in the idea of professional gaming. After several failed attempts to join existing organizations, Eclot Gaming was founded by two rejected players. We set out to be a successful gaming organization, represented by players from European countries, competing with other professional teams on the Czech and international gaming scene.